Friday, March 25, 2011

Im Bad...

Im SO bad at this whole blogging thing.  I really do want to do it, but its like maddening trying to make it a routine!  Diaries were just as problematic for me growing up.  Kept for a week and left for months.  Ah, but I tried and it is the thought that counts.

Although it feels as though there isn't anything new going on, I guess there really is!  Business has been quite slow with the holidays and I tried to switch over to some print credits in my packages, and found that likely hurt me ALOT more then it possibly helped, so Ive dropped that and things are now picking up again!  2 shoots this weekend, a mat shoot coming up, some boudoirs are in the hopes and early April I will have a super special session that I cannot wait to get into!  Picked up some great new props too!

Personally things have been 'fun' as usual!  it was a cold winter and we got so much snow it felt like we all lived in giant igloos!  So now we have the water to worry about, flooding basements and things.  Thankfully if we can get the snow out of our back yard, we should be ok here, but so many people in town may not be.   BUT spring has not quite sprung yet anyway!!  It's still FREEZING out there!!!

The big thing going on right now is my celebration plans for hitting the 2000 fan mark!  *woo hoo*  Im gathering a list of all the local crafters and artists in the Manitoba area for an ALL MANITOBA giveaway!  I think it will begin mid/late april, but we shall see how the fan count goes... STAY TUNED!