Sunday, August 22, 2010

Happy Sunday!

Life has been sooooo busy!   Between my youngest having a bit of dental surgery,  my husband gone alot helping his parents move, photo sessions here and there and just keeping up with the boys and making sure they are fed and played with and loved...  there's been very little time for me (or hubby!)

Ive been starting to get templates ready for Christmas photo cards and working on some custom wedding invitations, which I cannot wait to share!  I actually did up just a few Halloween photo cards as well!  $10 for the jpg with your photo and words and you print as many as you like!

I did FINALLY launch my butterfly fantasy sessions!  Ive been thinking/brainstorming/planning etc... for a grande total of over a year but just finally got it all put together and out there!  The response has been amazing really and Ive already sent out my first batch of proofs and order forms & I'm working on the second set this weekend!

If you have any moments from your busy day I would recommend that you head over to 6 and still Sane for a giveaway she is running with one of my favourite prizes - some wonderfully soft and fluffy pads from Randumosity!  Do go check it out... and happy Sunday everyone!


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