Sunday, September 18, 2011

Family MINI portrait sessions

I decided to try some minis again!  This time with a real focus... FAMILY PORTRAIT!  I was nervous, especially after it was suggested that 10 mins wasn't long enough!  BUT I have to say, 10 minute sessions with 10 min intervals was QUITE long enough!  Infact most of the time was spent chatting with all these amazing people that I was meeting!  

My first session was a 1/2 session for a friend of mine.  She was a tad annoyed that I refused to allow her to book if she wasn't going to be in the photos, but alas she was in them and radiant with her husband in her new roll as mom!  For privacy reasons I cannot post the photos now, however, its one of my favourites from the day, since it was so meaningful!   

The second was very special because she was actually the winner of a free session that I gave away earlier in the year, and time to do them just was NOT working out.  We hadn't told anyone other then our husbands that we were doing it!  Last minute she let me know she would be in and would have the time, so I squeezed her in and had her handsome husband join her for a few too!  She is Dawn from Prairie Lane Boutique!  You can find her fb page here.  She paints all kinds of creative canvas', boards, mugs, glasses and more, that are great for your home or as photography props!  Here is a sneak at her and her work!

The other 6 sessions, each had their own reasons for booking the minis.  Each had their own style and family dynamic and it was so fun getting to know the new ones for that few minutes, and seeing some past clients and how much they had grown, and stayed the same too!

All in all, I have to say... FABULOUS!!  The sessions went super well, and I'm so excited!!!!  I will have to do something like this again!  FAST & FURIOUS sessions!!! :)

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

{Boudoir} Brandon, MB - Miss Ruffle Butt

Boudoir sessions are great for many reasons, but mostly for the self confidence boost you can get from seeing just how simply stunning the world sees you!  In this case, Miss Ruffle Butt came in with some of that confidence already!  I hope this gave her more, cuz she is smokin'!  With a beautiful heart, a great smile, and some ruffled panties she rocked her session!  Can't wait to hear what her husband thinks of it!

Be sure to leave her some love!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Offensive posting....

To please those who rip out the underwear section of the Sears Wishbook for their 13 year olds at Christmas time and take the long way driving their kids to high school to avoid that Dior perfume billboard.... I will post this most beautiful bootie (and the rest of her gorgeous self) on here instead...   Enjoy!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

And the winner is.....

Congratulations!!! If this is you, you have 24 hours to contact me!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

2000 Fan Celebration


You've been waiting for it, and finally....  IT'S HERE!! 
A to Z Illusions has taken hundreds of photos of everyday objects that appear to be letters.  You can pick from these letters to create your family name, or inspirational words in a unique way.  They are offering an 8x10 Lettergraph wall plaque with the word LOVE (value: $29)

Princess for a Day has unique and fun tutus and sets as well as hairclips to help the little girl in your life be an amazing little princess!  They will be giving a $30 gift certificate for any product in her shop as well as 50% any one item when ordered at the same time! (value: $45)

Sparkleberry Boutique carries beautiful handmade hats for boys and girls!  The winner will receive the Jaleesa crocheted beanie size 6-12m in colours of your choice! (value: $22)

Jennifer Enns Photography from Neepawa is offering to the winner one fairy themed aluminum waterbottle with the saying "Spread your wings and let the fairy in you fly" and one coffee themed stainless travel mug with the saying "Forever: is the time it takes to brew the cup of coffee in the morning."  (value: $40)

From Prairie Lane Boutique; "Believe In The Beauty of your Dreams"  Measuring 12" x 12", this beautiful canvas in based in chocolate brown with antique white lettering.  Splashes of bronze and gold, add a brilliant hue to this beautiful piece!  Includes attached sawtooth hanger on backside. (value: $22)

Heidi of The Country Mouse makes wonderful decorative block sets for your home.  The winner will receive a FAMILY block set from her shop! (value: $40)

Sunrise Mosaics is giving the winner a 'Beautiful Tree' Scabble Jewelry Set, consisiting of One Scrabble Pendant Neclace and matchin earrings!  (value: $22)

Whimsies is whimsical creations by Olivia; A mixture of fun and flair with a touch of Whimsy!  She is offering the winner a Wool Diaper cover in Brown stripes (any size) & two Round baby washcloths. (value: $23-$33)

CrazyCute: Crochet fun by Meg is giving away an Easter Dress in Sz. 12 months (chest 21" length 15") Beautiful baby dress in a lovely pastel pink color, perfect for Easter! Dress is ready to ship in the 12 months size. It's also a perfect dress for summer as it is light and lacy. Best worn with a short or long sleeved onesie underneath. This sweet dress is hand crocheted with a tiny hand sewn button and a small amount of stitching to keep the ribbon in place. And made with acrylic blend yarn. (value $30)

And of course....  A little something from me!  From Cynthia Korman Photography & Design hand singed layers of satin make up the flower with a beautiful rhinestone center, accented with black birdcage veiling, peacock eye & sword feathers and a biot.  All on a felt pad with and clip. Comes with the wide lace band for ages 2-6 years. (value $30)

***READ ALL RULES BEFORE ENTERING!!!  You MUST link to the giveaway on all wall posts and you MUST post on EVERY wall!   There is no way to search for a fan... so if you dont write on the wall, we wont know your a fan!***

A to Z Illusions 
Princess for a Day
Sparkleberry Boutique
Jennifer Enns Photography
Prairie Lane Boutique
The Country Mouse
Sunrise Mosaics
Whimsies Shop
CrazyCute: Crochet fun by Meg
Stacey Luce Photography
Cynthia Korman Photography & Design


How to enter: *You must be a fan of all the fan pages to qualify, make sure you say hello to the sponsors* each entry MUST be a separate comment to qualify.  If you put it all in one, its one entry!  ONE winner will be chosen using to receive all the prizes with a total value of nearly $400!

Main Entry ::  'Like' each of the sponsors pages and leave them some love for donating such amazing prizes!  Come back here and let me know that you did so! ONE ENTRY

Bonus entry 1 ::  Share my blog giveaway link and details on your facebook status!  Make sure you LINK to my blog ** Then come back here to let me know you shared!   You can do this once per day, for an additional entry each day!  ONE ENTRY PER DAY

Bonus entry 2 ::  Make a purchase & get one entry for every $5 you spend at any sponsor page, during the contest period, rounded up! (spend $8 get 2 entries, spend $21 get 5 entries... etc)  excludes the cost of shipping.  come back here and let me know who you purchased from and how much! ;) *paypal receipt will be required ONE ENTRY PER $5 SPENT

Bonus entry 3 ::  Visit and learn her story.  Come back here and tell me what you think!  ONE ENTRY

Bonus entry 4 ::  Make a donation to Tatyannas Hope in any amount, during the contest period, for 3 bonus entries, Just come here and let me know you helped Tatyanna (3 comments).   *paypal receipt will be required. THREE ENTRIES

Giveaway starts now and will end Sunday May 1st, 2011 at 9pm central time.  Winner chosen via & will be announced on my blog and on my fan page and they will have 24 hours to contact me or a new winner will be chosen.  Please note that liking while logged in as your business page, and business profiles are not eligible to win.

I reserve the right to choose the winner. open to USA and CANADA

This giveaway is not sponsored or endorsed in any way by Facebook, Blogger or any of their affiliates. 

Monday, April 11, 2011

Dana's Anniversary Shoot

When my friend and fellow photographer approached me about doing a shoot with her for her husband I of course jumped at it!  She wanted some fun photos of her all dolled up and in her wedding dress and so we added some black gloves, I made a lace belt with some things she brought over to me, and then I made a huge feathery head piece for her.   She pulled off the whole thing with some black shoes and a pair of fun panties....   (yes, theres a reason for that odd mention!)  Here are a couple from the first half of the photos...  Lots more coming!

DIY cheese cloth prop

Have you seen those amazing cheese cloth wraps being used in newborn photos lately??   They are so easy to make and you don't even have to make a special trip to get the supplies.  Everything you need is at your local grocery store!  For just a few dollars you can have a few wraps in your prop stash too!  With Easter around us its a great time for egg dye kits and those will actually work very well to dye the cloth.  You can also experiment, just like with eggs, with an assortment of natural dyes, like onion skins (brown), red cabbage (blue), blueberrys (mauvy purple), tea or coffee.

Here are the ones I made last night!  All with 2 cups of hot water + 1tbsp vinegar and colour!  I used koolaid (wow I found a use for it!), food colouring and tea.  I also tried to make a confetti one, which I rushed, but will attempt again.

For the koolaid ones I just used my favourite colour of those packets you have to add sugar to and let them soak for about 20 mins or so.  The food colouring and strong tea I used LOTS of  but you can play to get the colour intesity you like!

If you want more variety and darker colours i would use Rit dyes...  but for now, the koolaid works. As for the confetti one...  I wet the cloth and layed it out in a double layer, then sprinkled it with coloured sprinkles!  I was impatient and shook them out too soon.  :(  I will try again tho and let them dry out side before shaking them out.    I'm thinking a good long time in a hot dryer, and/or some hot ironing will help set the colours too but really I'm not all too concerned.  The 6 of them were about $8 total to make.

If you make any, let me know!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Easter photos!

Oh my.... Im soooo thrilled with these photos!!! My good friend Stacey (Stacey Luce Photography) took them and I could not be happier!   When I'm trying to take photos of these guys i get nothing but fake smiles and goofy kids. :(  But with her behind the lens and the two of us saying silly words like bum and fart (boys, right?)  she was able to get some GREAT photos of my boys WITH REAL SMILES!  not the goofy ones!!!  Thank you sooo much Stace~

Friday, March 25, 2011

Im Bad...

Im SO bad at this whole blogging thing.  I really do want to do it, but its like maddening trying to make it a routine!  Diaries were just as problematic for me growing up.  Kept for a week and left for months.  Ah, but I tried and it is the thought that counts.

Although it feels as though there isn't anything new going on, I guess there really is!  Business has been quite slow with the holidays and I tried to switch over to some print credits in my packages, and found that likely hurt me ALOT more then it possibly helped, so Ive dropped that and things are now picking up again!  2 shoots this weekend, a mat shoot coming up, some boudoirs are in the hopes and early April I will have a super special session that I cannot wait to get into!  Picked up some great new props too!

Personally things have been 'fun' as usual!  it was a cold winter and we got so much snow it felt like we all lived in giant igloos!  So now we have the water to worry about, flooding basements and things.  Thankfully if we can get the snow out of our back yard, we should be ok here, but so many people in town may not be.   BUT spring has not quite sprung yet anyway!!  It's still FREEZING out there!!!

The big thing going on right now is my celebration plans for hitting the 2000 fan mark!  *woo hoo*  Im gathering a list of all the local crafters and artists in the Manitoba area for an ALL MANITOBA giveaway!  I think it will begin mid/late april, but we shall see how the fan count goes... STAY TUNED!