Saturday, October 24, 2009

Lunch is served!

YAY! My lunch kits are in! I was hoping some other stuff would come in sooner and i would share it all at once, but since it hasnt, I telling you about the lunch kits now!

With my kids going start school in the next few years I am already thinking of how I can save the world one bag at a time! Ok so Im just looking for ways to reduce! So here is a photo of Ethan's bag! Its a cute insulated washable, reusable zippered bag, with a sandwich wrap (which is huge btw, could do 2 sandwiched in there i think!) a small snack bag, and a sandwich bag. The only thing about the sandwich bag, is i can hardly imagine a sandwich fitting in it, but I wanted the wrap for sandwiches so its no nevermind for me! I also had made, 3 matching napkins. I got a set of flaming balls for Aaron & a plain black set for hubby! You can find them here at nanabrowns etsy store where you will find lots of cute materials for the lunch pieces! and of course you can buy them all separetly too! she also has cute crayon rolls which are great for the kids while traviling and out for dinner, as well as awsome reusable produce bags for your fruits and veggies at the store! I plan on getting some of those very soon too!
Goto myweeview's blog to see how you can win an awsome bag from Built which carries an amazing line of products crafted out of neoprene, think wet suits ;)! Ive been eyeing them up for awhile! They have the coolest laptop and camera bags too! And don't forget the baby section!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Going greener...

When I first started to collect and use my cloth bags for shopping, I was in shock, really, to see what I wasnt bringing home. All those bags really add up! And now on the occasion that I or my husband forget the bags in the truck and come home with all those plastic things I just cringe and think of all the damage the I have done, all by myself over my lifetime and then multiply it by everyone elses... it's absolutely appauling.

Granted I'm FAR from being green, but I'm trying to do little things to help. Since moving to a city where they actually recycle, Ive been taking the time and effort to do my part there. They also have a composting program here where they will take your used kleenex and papertowel!! So eventually I am hoping to get in with that one too and really reduce.

Im now really enjoying finding all the reusable things I didnt know we could make reusuable!! Maybe you cloth diapered your babies, (which I didn't, but should a 3rd come, I would make the investment!), or perhaps you use cloth pads yourself! You can even get reusuable toilet paper! I'm not there yet!

One thing I found on Etsy today was reusable cotton balls!!! Ok so I dont where makeup often and dont use cotton balls very often if ever ( havent in YEARS!) but now I think I want to just so I can use these ones!!! Check out Brittney's Buttons for these cute little crocheted cotton ball replacements!

What strange things have you found/heard of?

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

just sharing...

Ive ordered a few things off etsy this week! Trying to go a wee bit greener and reduce that carbon footprint! I'm not going to tell you anymore right now. You will have to stay tuned if you dont already know!

Check out savemoneyinwinnipeg's blog today! A giveaway every hour!

Friday, October 9, 2009

It's in the name!

Roasted red pepper soup! One of my two most favourites - even my picky DH will eat it. My kids LOVED it the first time but they seem to have some fear of any soup. Aaron will actually pour his on his mashed potatos and then eat it. He actually argues with me when i put gravy on his potatos, that it is actually soup and not gravy. I've given up trying to correct this! This is an absolutly simple recipe that will leave your guests feeling like they have been treated to a most exquisit gourmet meal! I urge you to give er a go and then let me know how you like it!

Roasted Red Pepper Soup

3 tblsp olive oil, divided
1 large onion, chopped
4 large red peppers, halved and seeded
4 large cloves of garlic, unpeeled
1 can condensed chicken broth
1 can water
1 cup cream, (I use half & half, 10%)
sea salt & fresh ground black pepper to taste

Start by heating your pan with 1 tbsp of oil, and frying the onions on med/low heatstirring occasionally. While they are cooking rub the skin side of the peppers and the garlic with olive oil and place just the peppers on a cookie sheet skin side up. Place them in the middle of the oven under the broiler for about 15-25 min at 400F until they are BLACK (dont worry, black is good!) Throw the garlic in the last 10 mins to roast as well. Once they are are black, remove from the broiler and let cool until you can handle them. Onions are done when translusant and golden brown on edges. Simply pull the soft cloves of garlic from the skin, and peel off the pepper skin and discard. Throw the pepper flesh and the garlic into a blender and blend until smooth. Add your cooked onions and blend again, then add your condensed soup, and water.

***This is where I actually freeze mine, I divide it into 2 freezer bags and when I am going to use it, I just thaw, heat then add cream and salt & pepper - serve~!***

Return to pan and heat on med until it starts to bubble then add cream and salt & pepper to taste. If you dont like seeing the pepper, you could easily use a white pepper, but I love seeing it so I use black! serve!

Have fun... Do this recipe with yellow peppers as well and serve both, half and half in the bowl! makes a stunning dish!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Who doesnt love a giveaway???

Im all for free stuff and giveaways!! I love finding freebies for Canadians. It seems to me it was only a few short years ago that you could hardly find anything, it was all for the USA! But they are popping up more and more with sites like, and of course the P&G Brand Samplers are available many times throught the year with amazing little samples! Recently a couple wonderful sites have come to my attention and I just have to share them with you!!!

I got a friend request in Facebook the other day from 'savemoneyinwinnipeg' and they introduced me to their blog and the secrets of coupon stacking! Check them out here!

My Wee View has some great giveaways, and LOTS of them!! I just entered for a dyson dc24! how great is that???

My Wee View

Check em out and enjoy! Let me know if you win something too please! ;)

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

In The Begining...

Day one in the blogging world!! I'm a married, SAHM to two wonderful boys ages 3 1/2 & 2. They keep me busy! I love photography & digital editing. I'm a lover of crafts and art and food and more. I love babies and weddings! These are my rants & raves! Enjoy!

Today I invited my new friend Jennifer over to to make some lotions. Ordered all my supplies from Saffireblue. Its a Canadian company in London Ontario. Last year I first tried them for a fun christmas gift idea and fell in love! They feel sooo great on your skin! And i find it very cool to pour the water in the oil and 'voila!' LOTION!

Whipped Body Butter

100g coconut oil
80g Macadamia nut oil
30g Sweet almond oil
50g Shea Butter
110g Emusifying wax
20g steric acid
800g distilled water, warmed

Heat all but the water in a double boiler until melted & blended. Beat with an electric mixer & SLOWLY add warm water. Let cool for 15 minutes in the fridge. Add essencial oils if you like, and your preservitive. Whip to blend and trasfer to jars.