Sunday, September 18, 2011

Family MINI portrait sessions

I decided to try some minis again!  This time with a real focus... FAMILY PORTRAIT!  I was nervous, especially after it was suggested that 10 mins wasn't long enough!  BUT I have to say, 10 minute sessions with 10 min intervals was QUITE long enough!  Infact most of the time was spent chatting with all these amazing people that I was meeting!  

My first session was a 1/2 session for a friend of mine.  She was a tad annoyed that I refused to allow her to book if she wasn't going to be in the photos, but alas she was in them and radiant with her husband in her new roll as mom!  For privacy reasons I cannot post the photos now, however, its one of my favourites from the day, since it was so meaningful!   

The second was very special because she was actually the winner of a free session that I gave away earlier in the year, and time to do them just was NOT working out.  We hadn't told anyone other then our husbands that we were doing it!  Last minute she let me know she would be in and would have the time, so I squeezed her in and had her handsome husband join her for a few too!  She is Dawn from Prairie Lane Boutique!  You can find her fb page here.  She paints all kinds of creative canvas', boards, mugs, glasses and more, that are great for your home or as photography props!  Here is a sneak at her and her work!

The other 6 sessions, each had their own reasons for booking the minis.  Each had their own style and family dynamic and it was so fun getting to know the new ones for that few minutes, and seeing some past clients and how much they had grown, and stayed the same too!

All in all, I have to say... FABULOUS!!  The sessions went super well, and I'm so excited!!!!  I will have to do something like this again!  FAST & FURIOUS sessions!!! :)


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