Tuesday, May 31, 2011

{Boudoir} Brandon, MB - Miss Ruffle Butt

Boudoir sessions are great for many reasons, but mostly for the self confidence boost you can get from seeing just how simply stunning the world sees you!  In this case, Miss Ruffle Butt came in with some of that confidence already!  I hope this gave her more, cuz she is smokin'!  With a beautiful heart, a great smile, and some ruffled panties she rocked her session!  Can't wait to hear what her husband thinks of it!

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  1. who the heck could be offended by these??? they are great!!! and Miss Ruffle butt is lovely... :-)

  2. Very lovely photos, they captured her pure beauty. Tasteful and classy! Good job girls!

  3. Great photos Cynthia! Miss Ruffle Butt totally rocked it! A boudoir photo shoot is something every woman (Especially moms!) should treat herself to at least once in their lifetime! Nothing but love for these photos from this chick!!