Wednesday, June 2, 2010


A girlfriend and I have been eyeing up camera bags for weeks now and today I shut off my laptop and put down my crochet hooks and decided I was doing this!!!!  Yesterday I had gone out and gotten all the supplies I could think one would need to make a bag & it was sitting here mocking me.  So I did it!!!

Got out some Kraft paper and drew a rough pattern and cut it out!  Then I carefully planned all my moves from there.  I'm fairly pleased with myself though the should pad on the strap is AWFUL and I will be redoing it.  Other then that?  I'm quite happy!  I'm going to make myself a matching key fob and  a couple little pouch things to attach to the straps for lens caps and sunglasses and stuff but the big stuff is done!  :D

Cant wait to finish it up and more so... to test it out!

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