Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Going greener...

When I first started to collect and use my cloth bags for shopping, I was in shock, really, to see what I wasnt bringing home. All those bags really add up! And now on the occasion that I or my husband forget the bags in the truck and come home with all those plastic things I just cringe and think of all the damage the I have done, all by myself over my lifetime and then multiply it by everyone elses... it's absolutely appauling.

Granted I'm FAR from being green, but I'm trying to do little things to help. Since moving to a city where they actually recycle, Ive been taking the time and effort to do my part there. They also have a composting program here where they will take your used kleenex and papertowel!! So eventually I am hoping to get in with that one too and really reduce.

Im now really enjoying finding all the reusable things I didnt know we could make reusuable!! Maybe you cloth diapered your babies, (which I didn't, but should a 3rd come, I would make the investment!), or perhaps you use cloth pads yourself! You can even get reusuable toilet paper! I'm not there yet!

One thing I found on Etsy today was reusable cotton balls!!! Ok so I dont where makeup often and dont use cotton balls very often if ever ( havent in YEARS!) but now I think I want to just so I can use these ones!!! Check out Brittney's Buttons for these cute little crocheted cotton ball replacements!

What strange things have you found/heard of?


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