Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Who doesnt love a giveaway???

Im all for free stuff and giveaways!! I love finding freebies for Canadians. It seems to me it was only a few short years ago that you could hardly find anything, it was all for the USA! But they are popping up more and more with sites like, and of course the P&G Brand Samplers are available many times throught the year with amazing little samples! Recently a couple wonderful sites have come to my attention and I just have to share them with you!!!

I got a friend request in Facebook the other day from 'savemoneyinwinnipeg' and they introduced me to their blog and the secrets of coupon stacking! Check them out here!

My Wee View has some great giveaways, and LOTS of them!! I just entered for a dyson dc24! how great is that???

My Wee View

Check em out and enjoy! Let me know if you win something too please! ;)


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