Saturday, October 24, 2009

Lunch is served!

YAY! My lunch kits are in! I was hoping some other stuff would come in sooner and i would share it all at once, but since it hasnt, I telling you about the lunch kits now!

With my kids going start school in the next few years I am already thinking of how I can save the world one bag at a time! Ok so Im just looking for ways to reduce! So here is a photo of Ethan's bag! Its a cute insulated washable, reusable zippered bag, with a sandwich wrap (which is huge btw, could do 2 sandwiched in there i think!) a small snack bag, and a sandwich bag. The only thing about the sandwich bag, is i can hardly imagine a sandwich fitting in it, but I wanted the wrap for sandwiches so its no nevermind for me! I also had made, 3 matching napkins. I got a set of flaming balls for Aaron & a plain black set for hubby! You can find them here at nanabrowns etsy store where you will find lots of cute materials for the lunch pieces! and of course you can buy them all separetly too! she also has cute crayon rolls which are great for the kids while traviling and out for dinner, as well as awsome reusable produce bags for your fruits and veggies at the store! I plan on getting some of those very soon too!
Goto myweeview's blog to see how you can win an awsome bag from Built which carries an amazing line of products crafted out of neoprene, think wet suits ;)! Ive been eyeing them up for awhile! They have the coolest laptop and camera bags too! And don't forget the baby section!


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