Sunday, May 23, 2010

Banners and Avitars

If your a part of my FB fanpage, then you have seen my tiny little collection of banner and avatar sets that I started a few months ago.  I had done a few fro some friends and myself last year, but kinda sucky ones with no graphics!  Well, with any luck my credit card will be here by Wednesday so I will be getting a shop up and running, FINALLY and I am thinking I'm going to be needing a few more of these cute little sets!

Here's what I'm going to do!  If you have a shop that needs a fresh look, let me know here, and tomorrow afternoon I will use to pick 3 commenter's to receive a set for free!  The final set will be yours to use, and will also go into my collection of customizable premade sets!  Though I wont use your colour scheme for the samples.   

Keep in mind these are NOT logos!  My logos are done using graphics that I DRAW just for you, and I never use the graphics again!  Which is the way I think a logo should be - One Of A Kind!  Its not really OOAK if you get a 'logo' with graphics from a freeware site, or purchased from another graphics site.  I also know how to properly re size a photo,  so you wont be getting one of your photos stretched out to cover your banner, EVER! 

Here are a couple of the logos I have done :) 

You've likely seen them all in my logo album but I thought I pop em in here anyway! :)

Good luck! ;)  ...and remember to follow my blog to be elegible!


  1. Hey Cynthia!! I loved the logo/mini logo that you designed for me recently and I have received so many comments on it. The thought of starting an Etsy account has crossed my mind a number of times, so this would be the perfect addition to my collection!! You are so talented and thanks again (for the millionth time!). ;)

  2. I really enjoy seeing your work on FB and would love to have a chance to win a custom set!

  3. WOW. I even let it go on longer and I couldnt even get THREE people to respond!!! Ok ladies! Dont need a draw! If you would like to email me your ideas

    Remember I will be adding your logo (if you have) and any photos you would like to use, but we will design the base first! ;) So, a theme and colour ideas etc.