Saturday, May 22, 2010

In my Barbie world.

Slowly, Ive been working my way through my kitchen trying to rid my family of the massive amounts of plastic we use for our food.  I use Pyrex where ever I can, and have some smaller dishes to store smaller amounts of food and they work great for lunches.  But this process is slow and rather expensive.  If I could get a refund on all the plastic/Teflon/silicone items I have purchased in the last 15 years, I would have an AWESOME collection of GREAT stainless steel, and glass and plenty of change left over for the bank!   Do we even need to mention the fact that my donation to the landfills and the amount of leached cancer causing poisons I have put into my body would have been so would have been drastically reduced. 

I've mentioned before, my favourite pot; the 12 cup multi pot from Epicure Selections.  I love this pot.  I could tell you all the fancy stuff, like the wonderful stainless steel, the tempered glass lid, but bleh..  whatever.  Anyone who knows a good pot will know by holding it how awesome it is!  The shape of the handle makes it fell secure when I'm picking it up, its heavy and has cup measurement lines imprinted along the inside of the pot.  There's no awful screws anywhere ready to come loose every time I use it.  And I can strain things right out of the pot using the LID!!  I love this pot.  My favourite part about it?  When I boil water in it & there is no coating to flake off, and I can stab at a piece of food with a fork and scrub it, and not worry about a special coating.

I have a ton of pots and pans that I only use when I have to.  They are all non stick.  One is an $80 fry pan.  I hate them all!  Sure they work really well for about 2 weeks....  but eventually someone scratches it and the non stick Teflon starts coming off passing a pepper all through you food.  Not to mention that not one of them is even non stick anymore.  And they smell funny when cook with them. 

We finally got a few more pots!  They are not very expensive, but they are stainless steel with a nice glass lid and I love them!  I now have my big cast iron pan, my epicure pot, and 3 sauce pans (2 med, 1 large) and this week I am going to throw out my old non stick nasty ones.  My next adventure will be adding to my utensil collection!  New spatulas and spoons!  Its hard to invest so much money into something only to realize 10 years later we were completely wrong and now have to reinvent the way we go about our day as we try to get back to a healthier way of living!

I'm NOT an environmentalist.  But I do wonder about the way we live.  The way we are slowly poisoning ourselves with the things we freely bring into our homes and put into our mouths.  I'm slowly, bit by bit, trying to become less dependant on our throw away products, and hopefully teach my children that convenience often comes with a sacrifice. 

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  1. I bought the Epicure lids to try use less plastic.