Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Bathroom Talk!

Alright...  this is long overdue!  Just a warning, I'm about to talk about 'that time' of the month, mother natures visit, Auntie Flo's visit....  That's right!!!  I'm about to talk about MY PERIOD!!!  So at this point if your easily disgusted by such matters, then I would suggest you move on!  Otherwise, read away!  After all I'm not going to get too descriptive anyway!

My first visit was when I was 11.  I got my first period about 3 weeks after my sister got her first period.  She is 2 1/2 years older then me.  Apparently I developed early!  Not a big deal though.  It was during the summer and when I went back to school in the fall I remember a group of us girls sitting on the swings, twirling about, and one girl says 'So.  I got my period over the summer'.  Another says...  'Ya. Me too.'  and then I interjected my own, 'Me too.'  And that was that.

Since then I have tried, pads and tampons, put up with so many bad days of painful cramps.  Nothing was regular.  Not even remotely.  I never knew when it was going to happen or how long except for a feeling that it was coming.  Fast forward years later.  I'm married and as we are getting ready to try for babies, I come to the realization that I'm finally regular!  I don't know when it happened but I'm now 28 1/4 days.  Yes there is a quarter in there!  Then post babies, my cramps are now gone!!!  All those missed days of school spend in bed crying.  All those T3's...  that never seemed to work and now finally I'm happy.  Sorta.  Most of you moms know what having a couple kids does to your insides and now I can no longer use tampons effectively.  All I have left is these awful pads that fold up and stick to your sensitive hairs.  I get itchy from them, and they make me cranky.  But I'm regular and have no cramps, so really I cannot complain. 

So last summer in my quest to go a little greener, I learn about reusable cloth pads.  EW!!  Seriously???  Well I guess that's how they dealt with things before the invention of Always (or your brand) disposables!  And I guess we use cloth diapers on our babies!  hmmm......  I do hate store bought pads.  So I asked around a bit and wouldn't you know it; LOTS of women use cloth pads!  So I search online and on Etsy until I find a pad that I like.  And FINALLY made an order.   OMG.  Why are we not all using these?  I love them!  I expected some bulk (I mean they are layers of fabric!) but they really are not that bad at all!  I love the way the fabric feels on special parts too!  Much more natural and NO MORE STICKING!!!  Oh how i loathed that!  So if I could climb trees (which I'm saving, thank you very much!) or a roof top and shout out that every women NEEDS to try these I so would.  LOVE LOVE LOVE them!!!

My journey to become (and my struggle to remain!) a woman has been interesting.  Every woman has their own story, there own struggle.  And that was a small part of mine!  Personal, yes, but I think we need to be more open so that we let others know we are not alone.  Its surprising how much alike we all really are and if we can just let go of our fears of being judged and open up to others I think we would all be a bit happier!

And what started out as small insignificant purchase of some pads from a store called Randumosity on Etsy, has also turned into a wonderful internet friendship with Jami who is my official 'Pad Lady!'  And she and her little store have now become a small part of my life story of growing up! 


  1. Good for you! I use cloth diapers (sometimes), but these still seem kinda icky to me... but I think one day I'll probably break down & try them. Do they hold a lot of... stuff? Do you need to change them more often than a store-bought pad? LMK... I'm interested.
    And good for you for being open about it! Information is great!

  2. I think they hold alot more then store bought, They seem to soak it faster, so less chance of a leak. BUT they dont spread out like the store bought, so they dont LOOK as used. At first they leaked through alot because I just didnt know they needed a change (and I didnt have many) but now I change them 2-3 times a day (im very heavy) and i had her make me a HUGE one for the first night which is my heaviest problematic time. I have the same amount of leaks with these as disposibles, or less. I have a old margerine tub by the toilet. I pop them in there with water, then drain & throw them in a load of darks at the end of the day. If you let them soak in cold water they actually wash right out. You can water your plants/lawn with the water ( i havent gone that far yet, but i can see it being VERY good for them! I highly recommend Randumosity!