Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Terrific Tuesday!

Why is it terrific???  Well, it just is!  Mostly because, I am actually doing another entry on here!  AMAZING! 

Since I have last shared, I've actually been quite busy!  I've been selling some of my crochet props, making adorable flowers for headbands and clips, and doing a weee bit of photography too! 

This little man is so sweet!  Baby 'J' at 3 weeks old; he was a super sweet little model!  I had the blessing of being able to do some portraits of his mom and dad awaiting his arrival too.  The hat is one of the many things Ive whipped up the last while, and I'm so keeping it for my own stash!
Here is the birth announcment that I created for him! (included in the newborn sessions!)

Another little guy I had the pleasure of photographing!

This beautiful 2 day old baby 'D' belongs to a dear friend of mine, so he holds an extra special place in my heart!  He's a lucky man, as he has a big sister and a big brother to always lookout and take care of him!  Only just over 6 lbs when he came in for his photos, he loved being held and did not like being naked, despite the fact that we were all sweating, he was still a bit cool because he was so small!  Wrapped in one of the stork/hanging cocoons that I made, he seems quite happy here! The hat was one that won from another very talented crocheter I found here on Facebook.  Danyel of Crazy Socks Crochet Shop!  I also did a trade with her for a logo, and got myself some very nice props for my personal collection!  She uses a type of yarn that I don't like working with but love the results of, so it was an AWSOME trade for me!  I have to make up a birth announcment for this adorable boy!

I will leave you with one last photo!  Baby J when he was just a bump!  This is one of my favourite photos.  This mom-to-be is just so utterly beautiful, it was a great pleasure to photograph her and her growing family!


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